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4batz explains the inspiration behind his unique sound and image: “I look at older things"

4Batz in the music video for "act iii: on god? (she like)."
4Batz. (YouTube/4Batz)

4batz is one of the most unique artists to have emerged on the rap and R&B scenes in recent memory.

Watch his music videos (he's released three to date, the latest of which dropped last week) without sound, and you'd be forgiven for thinking he's your typical trap music up-and-comer.

There are balaclavas, grills, double cups, gun fingers. The lot.

Turn on the sound, however, and what you hear will no doubt surprise you. Batz is no trapper, he's an R&B superstar who croons about sneaky links and heartbreak.

In an interview with Genius published on Thursday, Batz, whose real name is Neko Bennett, opened up about the inspiration behind his distinctive sound-image juxtaposition.

"I move how I move because I look at older things, not really what’s going on now," the rapper and singer told the publication.

By "older things," Batz explained that he means a combination of Texas rappers like Z-Ro, Paul Wall, and DJ Screw, and '90s R&B stars.

“There’s so many people in ’90s R&B that I like, that I look up to," he said. "Jodeci, Mint Condition, SWV, Intro, Sade, Anita Baker."

"Whoever did ’90s R&B, they did it, and it stood out in a crazy way," he added.

Batz released his third single, "act iii: on god? (she like)," and its accompanying music video on Friday.

On the track, the 20-year-old star sings of a failing relationship.

"Seen us / Trust me, I seen from far / You told me that you loved me / And you put that shit on God," he sings on the chorus.

Speaking with Genius, Batz said he believes the track will find its way on to the charts, just as his previous single, "act ii: date @ 8," did.

“We’re hitting that Billboard," he said.

As for what fans can expect from Batz for the remainder for the year, he told Genius: “People think, ‘He’s the one,’ and we actually gonna be that. This gonna be my year to prove all the haters wrong and prove to people that believe in me that we all that.”



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