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Busta Rhymes reveals his "terrible" first rap name

A photo of Busta Rhymes performing at the 2022 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. (Shutterstock/Adam McCullough)
Busta Rhymes performs at the 2022 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. (Shutterstock/Adam McCullough)

Busta Rhymes has revealed his first ever rap name.

“I had a terrible name,” Busta said in a wide reaching interview on Steven Bartlett's "The Diary of the CEO" podcast.

“I had two: I had my name from being a part of the Five Percent Nation Of The Gods And Earths, which that name was cooler; that name was Lord Taheim," he recalled. "But somehow I abandoned that to become like the rappers that had the three part names. I changed my name to Chill-O-Ski.”

Elsewhere in his interview with Bartlett, the "Touch It" rapper said that he originally wanted to become a DJ, not an emcee.

“I never really got good at it to be the DJ,” he said. “I was able to do it, but I was never nice enough to become the superstar DJ. And at that time, the DJ was super important. Because all of the groups had the DJ name. The DJ was always the big shot."

“I’m not really the technology dude, so all of this equipment shit, it was just a little complicated for me,” he added.

Busta has had quite the career for someone who originally didn't want to become a rapper.

He's sold over 9 million records in the United States alone and has had five top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

At the 2023 BET Awards earlier this year, the 51-year-old star was handed the lifetime achievement award.

"A lot of greatness from our people and our culture is by default ‘cause it’s just the magic that we have," Busta said as he accepted the award.

"I just am grateful for the blessing that has been bestowed upon me and this gift that I have been given, and this fire that continues to burn as a passion in my soul," he said.


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