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Cam'ron loses lawsuit for using famous photo of himself on his merchandise

A photo of rapper Cam'ron.
Cam'ron. (Shutterstock/Jonathan Feinstein)

Cam'ron just lost a lawsuit for using a famous photo of himself on his merchandise.

Back in April, Killa Cam was sued by photographer Djamilla Cochran for using a 2003 photo she took of him wearing a pink coat on clothing he was selling.

The lawsuit alleged that Cam used the photo – which has become synonymous with the rapper since it was first taken – without obtaining proper licensing.

According to AllHipHop, the "Oh Boy" rapper didn't reply to the suit and now faces a default judgement.

Cochran is seeking an amount of $57,000 plus almost $10,000 in legal fees.

She is also seeking a slice of any profits Cam has made from selling merchandise that features her photo.

Once one of the world's most famous rappers, Cam is now making a name for himself as a sports media personality. 

His YouTube show "It Is What It Is," which he co-hosts with Mase, has almost 500,000 subscribers and has attracted a host of high profile guests, including Jack Harlow.

According to HipHopDX, in August, Cam and Mase also inked an eight-figure deal with fantasy sports company Underdog Fantasy.

Speaking with Complex in an interview published Monday, Cam said he wants the show to break the zeitgeist of sports journalism.

"I'm the new journalist," he said. "You got people who do things traditional and people who don't do things as traditional. And to me, you got a lot of people who do things the same old way as far as journalism is concerned, and what's gonna make you stand out if you don't do things differently?"


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