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Cam'ron says he and Ma$e have a joint album but Ma$e won't let him release it

Cam'ron and Ma$e.
Cam'ron and Ma$e. (YouTube)

Cam'ron has revealed that he and Ma$e have a joint album ready to go, but Ma$e won't let him release it.

The "Oh Boy" rapper made the revelation while speaking on Instagram Live on Monday.

“Me and Ma$e got an album. He said we can’t put it out! I don’t know what it’s about. We did six-seven songs," Cam said while he lay relaxing on a yacht.

"We do the songs and then he say, ‘No," he added.

Killa Cam went on to reveal that Ma$e also has a huge unreleased vault of his own songs.

“Ma$e got mad songs. Them shits is hot too. All Ma$e songs is hot,” he continued. “I ain’t gonna front, he got some real, real, real good songs. What he holding onto them for? I can’t answer that. I don’t know what Ma$e is holding onto these songs for."

Cam'ron and Ma$e, who currently co-host the popular sports show "It Is What It Is," have collaborated numerous times in the past.

The childhood friends came up together as part of the rap group Children of the Corn in the early '90s alongside Big L and Herb McGruff.

In 1998, a year after the group disbanded, Cam and Ma$e then released the single "Horse & Carriage," which featured on Cam's debut solo album, "Confessions of Fire."

The song narrowly missed the Top 40 on the Billboard 100, peaking at No. 41, but has since become a cult classic.


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