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Cardi B reveals GloRilla is her cousin

Photos of rappers Cardi B and GloRilla.
Cardi B, GloRilla. (Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency/Eugene Powers)

Last month, GloRilla shocked the world by revealing that fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert is her cousin.

Well, as it turns out, Uzi isn't the only family member GloRilla has been hiding from us – she's also related to Cardi B.

In an interview with BigBoyTV published on Friday, Cardi shared that her and GloRilla are cousins.

“That’s my cousin!” Cardi revealed when discussing with Big Boy her and GloRilla's 2022 collaboration "2 Tomorrow."

Breaking down the family connection, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper explained that her grandfather's son is GloRilla's father.

"That’s what make us related," she said.

Cardi went on to reveal that her and GloRilla were unaware of their relation until recently.

“I asked her, ‘You just feel like we’re too much alike? You get my jokes and everything,'” she said. “She’s just like, ‘Yeah. There’s something funny. Something really weird.’ So we just started like, yeah."

In other Cardi news, on Friday, the New York native released her new single, "Enough (Miami)."

"I can survive in the coldest conditions / Hoes better lower their tone when they spittin' / Bitches is washed, soap on the dishes / I apply pressure like boa constrictors," she raps on the track.

The single is Cardi's second of the year following the release of "Like What? (Freestyle)" earlier this month.


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