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Chance the Rapper releases new song "Buried Alive" and Kill Bill-inspired video

Shots of Chance the Rapper of the set of "Buried Alive." (Photos courtesy of Chance the Rapper)
Shots of Chance the Rapper of the set of "Buried Alive." (Photos courtesy of Chance the Rapper)

Just days after announcing his first new mixtape in almost a decade, Chance the Rapper has dropped a new song, "Buried Alive," and an accompanying music video.

Released on Friday, the song hears Chance rap about his recent divorce and the impact it had on his mental wellbeing.

"I was in a dark space, between a rock and a hard place / Knew I was alive when my heart raced," he raps.

Later he adds: “Where’s his money now? Wherе his wife at?/ Where his managеr? Where his hype at?/ Then they threw the dirt on the casket."

At the end of the track, Chance explains how he found his light at the end of the tunnel, rapping: I just needed somethin’ I could rap on / Right then and there the roof caved, quick rubble stone."

The song's music video follows the same narrative.

Inspired by a scene from the 2004 movie "Kill Bill: Volume 2," the video begins with Chance trapped inside a box.

As the tension builds, he breaks free from his confines and emerges to find himself on a giant spaceship.

The video ends with the words "Star Line" appearing on the screen.

In a press release shared with Rising Rap, Chance said of the video: "Getting back to directing and shaping the cinematography for the 'Buried Alive' music video was really a rewarding return for me.”

“Film provides me a platform to translate my creative vision into a tangible, immersive experience, while also capturing the grandeur of the cosmos," he added.

Earlier this week, Chance quietly announced that he's working on a new mixtape, "Star Line."

The 31-year-old star, whose last mixtape "Coloring Book" was released in 2016, announced the project by way of changing his Instagram bio.

“Working on my mixtape it’s called 'Star Line,'" his bio now reads.

As of writing, it is currently unclear whether "Star Line" will be the same as "Star Line Gallery" – a project Chance announced back in 2022.

Speaking with Complex, Chance confirmed that "Star Line Gallery" would be his sophomore album following 2019's "The Big Day" and would include the previously released singles Child of God,” “A Bar About a Bar,” and “The Highs & The Lows.”

Representatives for Chance the Rapper did not immediately respond to Rising Rap's request for comment.


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