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Childish Gambino announces final album, "Bando Stone & the New World"

A photo of Childish Gambino wearing a Hawaiin style shirt.
Childish Gambino. (Shutterstock/Kobby Dagan)

Childish Gambino has officially announced his final album.

During a surprise Instagram livestream, which he titled GILGA Radio, on Sunday, the musician and actor, real name Donald Glover, confirmed that his last studio album will be titled, "Bando Stone & the New World."

The project will serve as the soundtrack to a film of the same name that he’s working on.

"I just wanted to say thanks, 'cause my fans have been so patient," Gambino, whose most recent studio album, "3.15.20," was released four years ago, said during the stream.

"This project is for them," he added.

During the stream, Gambino also confirmed that he will soon be re-releasing "3.15.20." under the title "ATAVISTA."

"3.15.20" was, as the title suggests, released on March 15, 2020. The project dropped with a white square as its cover art, while all of its tracks minus two – "Algorhythm" and "Time" featuring Ariana Grande – were titled with a timestamp corresponding to where they start on the album.

"[3.15.20] was originally supposed to be 'ATAVISTA,' but we put it out kind of quickly, I didn't master or mix it," Gambino said. "But we finished it, it's called 'ATAVISTA,' and we're putting that out."

Though Gambino did not confirm release dates for either "Bando Stone & the New World" and "ATAVISTA," he did preview some new music for his fans before ending the stream.

He played an untitled track that will feature on "Bando Stone & the New World," as well as an updated version of “35.31” titled “Little Foot, Big Foot” featuring Young Nudy.

Gambino also played and a finalized version of his song "Human Sacrifice."

The track, which will appear on "ATAVISTA," was originally previewed in a Google Pixel advert back in 2019 but was never officially released.


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