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Common has some seriously impressive breakdancing skills

Photos of the rapper Common breakdancing in a full yellow tracksuit.
Common is one hell of a breakdancer. (Instagram/common)

Common is a man of many talents.

Not only is he a great rapper, he's also an accomplished actor, published author, model, and activist.

As it turns out, he's a pretty good breakdancer, too.

On Saturday, the "Come Close" emcee was a special guest at Red Bull's Lords of the Floor breakdancing competition in Seattle, Washington, which saw breaking duos from all over the world gather to showcase their moves.

Ahead of the competition's final showdown, Common performed a series of his biggest hits, including "Go!," "The Light," and "Universal Mind Control."

During his performance of the latter, which samples Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force's 1982 breakdance anthem "Planet Rock," Common surprised fans by, pun intended, breaking into a short dance routine of his own.

Those in attendance were clearly impressed by Common's breaking skills, with fans mobbing the rapper after he'd finished his routine.

Instagram was also impressed.

"That’s hip-hop," commented one fan on Red Bull's video of Common's routine, appearing to reference Bambaataa's four pillars of hip-hop: breaking, rapping, DJing, and graffiti writing.

"This is why common is the goat forever," another fan wrote.



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