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DaBaby recruits nephew to preview new song "FREAK" in series of adorable videos

Photos of DaBaby and his nephew.
DaBaby and DaNephew. (TikTok/dababy)

DaBaby has been using a very special someone to help promote his new song "FREAK" – his nephew Kingg.

Over the past week, the "Goin Baby" rapper has been sharing videos to TikTok of him and Kingg vibing to the unreleased track.

On Thursday, Baby first posted a video of him helping Kingg get ready for school as a snippet of "FREAK" plays in the background.

"You ready?" Baby can be heard repeating on what appears to be the song's introduction.

At the weekend, Baby then shared two more videos of him and Kingg, who is the son of his late older brother Glen Johnson.

Johnson died in November 2020. He was 34.

In the first video Baby posted over the weekend, he and Kingg were dancing to "FREAK" in Baby's house.

In the second, they were working out to the song together in the gym.

Baby's adorable marketing strategy for "FREAK" appears to have paid off.

His videos with Kingg have been viewed a collective 32 million times and counting on TikTok.

Over 23,000 people have also used the song in TikToks of their own.

At the time of writing, little is known about "FREAK," but it's likely the track with be Baby's first offering of 2024 and his first new track since the release of his mixtape "LET'S DO IT" in October of last year.



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