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Danny Brown: Jay-Z and Kanye West "killed" me over "Dip"

Danny Brown; Kanye West and Jay-Z.
Danny Brown; Kanye West and Jay-Z. (Shutterstock/Everett Collection/Roy J Baron)

Danny Brown has explained why, thanks to Jay-Z and Kanye West, he makes no money from one of his biggest-ever hits.

"Dip," released in 2013 as the lead single from Brown's third studio album, "Old," interpolates part of Jay and Ye's 2011 smash hit “Paris.”

"Don't let me into my zone, you haters leave me alone," Brown raps on the song's chorus.

As a result of the sample, Jay and Ye are both credited as writers on "Dip."

During the most recent episode of "The Danny Brown Show" featuring Schoolboy Q, Brown revealed that Hov and Ye are more than just credited writers on "Dip" – they own the entire song.

“With ‘Dip,’ Jay-Z and Kanye killed my ass,” Brown said. “They own that whole muthafucka. And that’s one of my biggest songs."

"I don’t get shit from that muthafucka," he added.

Brown said that the producer of "Dip," Skywlkr, is still mad at him "to this day" because of the deal with the "Watch the Throne" duo.

“I learned my lesson, man," he said, adding: "We fucked up, because you know, he made that beat. We don’t get shit from that muthafucka.”

In the same episode of "The Danny Brown Show," Schoolboy Q told Brown that he doesn't want any part in a potential Black Hippy reunion.

Comprising of Q, Kendrick, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock, Black Hippy was formed in 2008 after all four rappers had signed to Top Dawg Entertainment.

Though they never came together for a joint album, the group released a series of cult hits including "Rolling Stone" and "Say Wassup" and were frequent collaborators before their disbandment in 2022.

Asked by Brown if he would be interested in making a full-length project with his former group, Q replied: "Hell no, I'll never do that shit."

"I'm not making no Black Hippy album," he said.


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