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Drake releases free instrumental album and challenges rappers to showcase their bars

Drake has released an instrumental version of his latest project, and has challenged his peers to use the beats to showcase their bars.

The 6 God dropped the instrumentals from "For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition" – a recent reissue of his eighth studio album which contains six new tracks – on Thursday.

Instrumentals of the six new tracks are free to download on Drake's website, Drake Related.

Drake first announced the release of the instrumentals earlier this week.

“Dropping the instrumentals this week,” he wrote in an Instagram story, according to Complex.

He also issued a challenge to his fellow rappers.

“I wanna hear who’s barring up," he added.

Originally advertised as "Scary Hours 3" – "For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition" is a continuation of Drake's "Scary Hours" EP series.

The original "Scary Hours" was released in 2018. "Scary Hours 2" was released in 2021.

"For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition" dropped on November 17 and the six new tracks include production from The Alchemist, Boi-1da, Conductor Williams, and more.

On one of the new tracks, "Evil Ways," Drake once again teamed up with J. Cole, with whom he scored a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with "First Person Shooter" in October.


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