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Drake and Wizkid's "One Dance" almost had a very different name

Photos of Drake and Wizkid.
Drake, Wizkid. (Shutterstock/Franklin Sheard Jr./Jacob Giampa)

Drake and Wizkid's smash hit "One Dance" was almost called something very, very different.

On Tuesday, the song, which features on Drake's 2016 album "Views," became the Canadian rapper's first-ever to surpass 3 billion streams on Spotify.

Only six other songs in history have achieved the same feat.

Drake celebrated the news by sharing to his Instagram stories a message from OVO Sound President Mr. Morgan congratulating him on the achievement.

In his message to Drake, Morgan recalled "One Dance" originally having a different title.

“I remember walking into SOTA and [on] your chalk board with the working track list for 'Views' there was a song called ‘High Powered,'" Morgan wrote.

SOTA (State of the Art) Studios is the name of a music studio in Drake's home city of Toronto that he often frequents.

Morgan continued: "I asked which it was and you said, ‘It’s an 85 beat I haven’t recorded yet, but it’s the single and it’s gone!'"

Produced by Nineteen85 and Noah "40" Shebib, "One Dance" is Drake's biggest hit to date.

The song topped the charts in no less than 15 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany.

It was also the world's highest-selling of 2016, shipping 12.5 million copies.

Whether or not "One Dance" would have seen the same level of success had it been titled "High Powered," we'll never know.


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