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Erick Sermon reveals Dr. Dre's "undeniable" method of producing hits

Photos of Dr. Dre and Erick Sermon.
Dr. Dre, Erick Sermon. (Shutterstock/Joe Seer/Debby Wong)

Ever wanted to know the secret to Dr. Dre's success as a producer?

Well, thanks to Erick Sermon, you needn't wonder anymore.

In an interview with HipHopDX published on Thursday, Sermon, one half of the legendary rap duo EPMD, explained how Dre doesn't have rappers write down their rhymes in the studio, but instead has them freestyle until they reach the desired outcome.

“Dre would say the cadence and then we would all say a rhyme, and then if the rhyme sounds good, then we put that down," Sermon recalled.

"So there’s no writing; it’s just 16 bars of whatever your freestyle may be,” he said.

Sermon said Dre's unique approach to recording made him rethink his own.

“The process was something I had never seen before in my life and had never experienced in my life getting produced by somebody," he said, adding that Dre's method made him not want to write down lyrics any longer.

“That method is undeniable," Sermon went on. "You can’t go wrong because you got a room of people that is agreeing with the line and if the line is not right then it doesn’t go."

In other Erick Sermon news, the 55-year-old rapper recently revealed the eye-watering amount he makes each year from The Weeknd, 21 Savage, and Metro Boomin's song "Creepin'."

Released in 2022, "Creepin'" is a remake of Mario Winans' 2004 hit "I Don't Wanna Know," which itself samples the drums from EPMD's "You’re a Customer."

In an interview with Bootleg Kev published earlier this month, Sermon said he owns 4% of "Creepin'," which brings him in $240,000 every four months.

"$720,000 per year," he said.


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