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Everything we know so far about Childish Gambino's final studio album, "Bando Stone & the New World"

Childish Gambino superimposed over a backdrop of his GILGA Radio orange logos.
Childish Gambino. (Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency)

The legend of Childish Gambino will, sadly, soon be coming to a end.

In mid-April, the often-cryptic musician and actor, real name Donald Glover, officially announced his final studio album under the Gambino moniker, "Bando Stone & the New World."

"I just wanted to say thanks, 'cause my fans have been so patient," Gambino said during in an Instagram livestream he titled GILGA Radio.

"This project is for them," he added.

Here's everything we know about the album so far.

"Bando Stone & the New World" will be a soundtrack album

Towards the end of the first GILGA Radio episode, Gambino shared that "Bando Stone & the New World" will serve as the soundtrack to a short film of the same name he's currently working on.

Though he didn't provide any further details about the movie, in an advert played towards the end of the episode, it was revealed that it will be in "theaters soon."

It might feature a track with Kanye West

On Sunday April 21, Gambino premiered the second episode of GILGA Radio through Instagram.

During the episode, Gambino played an unreleased collaboration with Kanye West, on which the two rappers exchanged bars over a futuristic beat.

"Rule number one, thou shall not steal / The flow, the clothes, the sex appeal," Ye raps on the track.

It's currently unclear whether the song will feature on "Bando Stone & the New World."

Gambino will be taking the album on tour

Visit Donald Glover's Instagram bio and you'll find a link that leads you to a website for "The New World Tour."

As of writing, there's no content on the site, just the words "The New World Tour" and a form to submit your email for updates.

An advert played during GILGA Radio episode two, however, revealed that the tour will be taking place "this summer."

He will be re-releasing "3.15.20" first

Before releasing "Bando Stone & the New World," Gambino will be re-releasing his fourth studio album "3.15.20" under the title "ATAVISTA."

"3.15.20" was, as the title suggests, released on March 15, 2020. The project dropped with a white square as its cover art, while all of its tracks minus two – "Algorhythm" and "Time" featuring Ariana Grande – were titled with a timestamp corresponding to where they start on the album.

"[3.15.20] was originally supposed to be 'ATAVISTA,' but we put it out kind of quickly, I didn't master or mix it," Gambino explained during GILGA Radio episode one. "But we finished it, it's called 'ATAVISTA,' and we're putting that out."


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