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Fans are loving AG Club's new album, "Brodie World"

Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy of AG Club. They are wearing all pink outfits.
Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy of AG Club. (Press photo)

The reviews are in for AG Club's new album, "BRODIE WORLD," and it's good news for the Bay Area collective.

Released on Friday April 26, "BRODIE WORLD" is AG Club's fifth studio album and their first since 2022's "Imposter Syndrome."

Featuring guest appearances from Mike Dimes, IGWE AKA, and Mercury, the 10-track project is filled with an eclectic mix of sounds that range from hip-hop to latin, all infused with the group's signature energy and charisma.

"AG Club’s ‘Brodie World’ is a MUST add to your library," wrote one fan on X, the platform previously known as Twitter. "So creative and carefree."

Another wrote: "This new AG Club album is one of the most energetic and free-spirited group rap projects I've heard in a while."

One fan said: "Finally listened to 'BRODIE WORLd' and it’s so good. AG Club brings a refreshing vibe to every album they drop."

Known for their experimental sound, youthful charm, and stunning visuals, AG Club were founded in 2017 by rappers Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine.

Now a large scale collective consisting of videographers, designers, and various other collaborators, the group have recently been supporting Denzel Curry on tour and earlier this month performed at Coachella for the first-ever time.

Speaking with Stereogum about "BRODIE WORLD" in an interview published on Friday, Fontaine said of the album: "This project was really fun."

"It feels dope and we love this music, which is cool because sometimes you get burnt out when you sit with something for so long," he added.



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