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"Fisherrr" rapper Cash Cobain explains how track went viral on TikTok

Photo of rapper Cash Cobain.
Cash Cobain. (Instagram/cashcobain_2x)

Cash Cobain and Bay Swag's "Fisherrr" is taking over TikTok.

Released late last month, tens of thousands of TikTokers have been using the song as part of a new dance craze called the "Reemski."

YouTuber Cai Kenat and rapper Zeddy Will have even gotten in on the act.

In an interview with TMZ published on Monday, Cobain, who is signed to Giant Music, explained the origins of the dance.

"Dude from Brooklyn named Reem," Cobain said. "I don't even know him, for real. That's his dance actually. He came up with the dance, he came up with everything."

"I just saw a video and it just caught on fire," he added. "Everybody tryna do it now. Shoutout to Reem."

Cobain went on to explain to TMZ why he and Bay Swag are defining "Fisherrr" as "Sexy Drill" – a twist on New York's usually violence-infused drill sound.

"We just be on our own time, our own vibe, we don't like to do what everybody else like to do," he said. "We like to have fun, go out, get lit, turnt, be with the girls. That's what we move for."

Cobain added: "We want everyone to feel good."

As well as being a superstar rapper, Cobain is also a versatile producer who has worked with the likes of B-Lovee and PinkPantheress.

Speaking with NME back in December, Cobain recalled what it was like working with Pantheress on her track with Central Cee, "Nice To Meet You," which flips the Spandau Ballet 1983 classic, "Gold."

“It was a great experience meeting [PinkPantheress],” he explained. “It was my introduction to her. It was crazy seeing her make her own beats [because] I didn’t know she made her own beats.”


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