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Frank Ocean previews new music on Instagram

A photo of Frank Ocean.
Frank Ocean. (Shutterstock/DFree)

Christmas has come early for Frank Ocean fans.

On Thursday, the notoriously elusive singer previewed some new music in an Instagram story.

In the story, Frank is seen in a recording studio, dancing along to a previously unheard track.

"Right now, it's a fucking vibe," the "Nights" singer can be heard saying.

Though Frank did not reveal any details about the new track, fans were excited to hear the snippet nonetheless.

"FINALLY," wrote one fan on X, the platform previously known as Twitter.

Another wrote: "I’ve heard enough, it’s a classic."

Others urged the singer, who hasn't released a studio album since 2016's "Blonde," to hurry up and drop new music.

"Just drop the album frank we’ve been waiting since 2016," wrote one fan.

Another wrote: "I see the clip but ive been fooled too many times. idk what to trust. i wont believe he’s dropping an album until its released."

"JANUARY 2043," one fan teased.

Frank's latest teaser comes just a month after he gave fans a glimpse of another unreleased song.

In November, the 36-year-old star shared a minute-long audio-only clip of an untitled track, in which he croons over a sprase keyboard melody.

Playin’ way more laid back than I did when I was my younger self / You would vent to me ’bout assumptions but they were educated guesses," he sings.


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