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Ghostface Killah teams up with Nas for debut single from new album, "Scar Tissue"

Ghostface Killah has teamed up with Nas for the debut single from his upcoming 12th studio album, "Set the Tone."

Titled "Scar Tissue," the track was released on Friday through Mass Appeal.

“Bottles of sangria /Monsters jumping out of trucks like a consigliere /Pasta, prawns over lobsters / Oysters, diamond chips, smuggled all in the fish into cold boxes,” Ghostface raps on the song, which is produced by T the Human.

Nas, who recently released a new single of his own with DJ Premier, concludes the song by rapping: "Smokin' on a thousand dollar blunt / Tell these suckers I got everything they want."

While unveiling "Scar Tissue," Ghostface also shared with his fans some words about his new album, which will be his first since 2019's "Ghostface Killahs."

“HOLD TIGHT THIS ALBUM HAS FIRE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE….” the Wu-Tang Clan rapper wrote on Instagram.


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