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Ice Spice tops her own Spotify Wrapped playlist

A photo of Ice Spice.
Ice Spice. (Shutterstock/Franklin Sheard Jr.)

Ice Spice is her own biggest fan.

At least that's according to her own Spotify Wrapped figures.

On Wednesday, the "Munch (Feelin' U)" rapper shared a screenshot of the artists she's been listening to most this year, and to many people's surprise, she came in top.

All five of her most listened to songs were also her own.

"So she just listens to herself mostly?" wrote one fan on X, the platform previously known as Twitter.

"How the hell are you your own top artist?" wrote another.

Many X users, however, praised Ice Spice for topping her own Wrapped playlist.

"She streams herself to hear a real one speak," wrote on fan. Another said: "She’s so real for listening to her own music."

Even Spotify themselves were impressed.

"Having yourself as your own top artist and your single as your own top song is such a mooood. ily," the streaming platform wrote.

Alongside her own Spotify Wrapped listener figures, Ice Spice also shared her Wrapped figures as an artist for the year.

According to a screenshot she shared, she's amassed a total of 42.6 million new listeners this year, while she featured as the top artist on the Wrapped playlists of over 280,000 Spotify users.


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