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IDK reunites with Joey Bada$$ for new single, "DENiM"

IDK has reunited with Joey Bada$$ for a boastful new collaboration, "DENiM."

The pair, who previously teamed up in 2018 for "Lil Arrogant" with Russ, dropped "DENiM" and its accompanying music video on Friday.

On the track, IDK and Bada$$ toast their accomplishments and send warning shots to their haters.

“Sittin’ on cloud nine, but it’s really my couch / Pierre Jeanneret’s, the original ones, not the one’s they get for five hundred to dress up their house," raps IDK.

Bada$$ spits: "Try to slime me out, I wipe his nose like his shit was stuffed / The jig is up / I'm the big dog, you just a little pup."

Fans are already loving IDK's and Bada$$'s latest link-up.

"Joey's feature run isn't being spoken about enough, this was the perfect collab," one fan commented beneath the song's music video on YouTube.

Another commented: "Joey And IDK are built different."


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