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Isaiah Rashad releases new versions of "Cilvia Demo" songs to celebrate album's 10th annviersary

Isaiah Rashad has celebrated the 10th anniversary of his debut album "Cilivia Demo" with the release of a special edition of the project.

On Tuesday, Spotify unveiled its latest video series, "TEN," which sees artists perform live renditions of their classic albums to mark their 10th anniversaries.

Rashad was the star of the inaugural episode, performing the songs “Menthol,” “RIP Kevin Miller,” “Shot You Down,” “Heavenly Father," and "Ronnie Drake."

Besides Rashad's rendition of "Ronnie Drake," the tracks were released together as a Spotify-exclusive EP on the same day.

Rashad's commemorative performance took place in front of a live audience at Spotify Studios in Los Angeles.

Between songs, Rashad shared memories from the making of "Cilvia Demo" and answered questions from the crowd.

"I never thought I’d be here. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to have an anniversary of anything but shit, I’m glad I’m here with y’all,” he told the audience.

Released on January 28, 2014, "Cilvia Demo" debuted at No. 40 on the Billboard 200 and was met with critical acclaim.

Rap Genius described it as a "testament of the new Golden Age of Hip-Hop."


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