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Ja Rule: KRS-One is "one of the greatest"

Ja Rule, KRS-One.
Ja Rule, KRS-One. (Shutterstock/Jacob Giampa/Franklin Sheard Jr.)

Ja Rule has plenty of love for KRS-One.

Back in June 2023, KRS performed live at Sony Hall as part of Ja's VIBES Concert Series, which sees iconic artists perform their classic albums with a live band.

KRS performed Boogie Down Productions' debut album "Criminal Minded."

In an exclusive interview with Rising Rap, Ja recounted his experience of working alongside the "Sound of da Police" rapper.

"KRS-One has to be one of the greatest performers in hip-hop history," Ja said.

"When he came to rehearsal, his first rehearsal with the band, he just freestyled with the band like rocking for like 30 minutes," Ja added.

Ja said he's never met "an artist that loves hip-hop as much as KRS-One."

"I told him that night, I said, 'I appreciate this because I thought I loved hip-hop. You love hip hop,'" Ja recalled.

"I appreciate that because I really do love it like that, too," he said. "I love what it is. I love two turntables and a microphone. I used to break dance. I used to write graffiti. I love hip-hop."

Elsewhere in Rising Rap's interview with Ja Rule, the 47-year-old star revealed the name and release date of his upcoming eighth studio album.

The album, which will be his first in 12 years, will be titled "Can We Watch the Sunrise Together" and will be released on June 1.

Ja said the project represents his "resurrection."

"The sunrise is significant, it's a new beginning, the start of the new day," he said. "And for me, that's what this is. This is the new Rule."

"I ain't coming back," he added. "This is the sequel, the second coming and it's something special."


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