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Ja Rule says his tour of the UK has been cancelled because he's been denied entry into the country

A photo of Ja Rule.
Ja Rule. (Shutterstock/Lev Radin)

Ja Rule was scheduled to begin the biggest tour of his career this Friday in the United Kingdom.

Not anymore, however.

On Monday, Ja took to his social media platforms to announce that the UK leg of his The Sunrise Tour, which is celebrating his 25 years in the rap game and the upcoming release of his first studio album in over a decade, has been cancelled because he's been denied entry into the country.

"I’m so devastated I can’t believe the UK won’t let me in," the "Always on Time" rapper wrote in a post on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, which he then shared screenshots of to his Instagram.

"I’ve spent a half million dollars in production of my own money to put this tour together only to be denied entry DAYS before my shows," he said. "This is not fair to me or my fans these venues are 85% sold and now I can’t come."

In a second post, Ja claimed the UK won't let him in the country because of his criminal record.

According to UK charity Unlock, people seeking to enter the UK will "normally be refused if they have previously been convicted of a criminal offence punishable by at least 12 months imprisonment."

Ja spent two years in prison between 2011 and 2013 on gun and tax evasion charges.

"The UK is one of the few European countries that restricts entry to people with criminal records," Ja said.

Responding to one fan who had asked about getting their tickets refunded, Ja said: "Yes, refunds will be available."

In an exclusive interview with Rising Rap earlier this year, Ja spoke in depth about what he had planned for The Sunrise Tour.

"Pyro, floating stages, a lot of fun shit is going to be going on," he said. "I'm an adrenaline junkie, I like to jump out of planes and shit, so I'm gonna inject some of that energy into my performances so fans can get 100% of Ja Rule."

Though it looks like his fans in the UK won't get to see any of that anymore, further European dates for tour are set to be revealed soon.


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