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Jermaine Dupri previews new song with Nelly and Ashanti and what it sounds like might surprise you

A photo of Nelly and Ashanti.
Nelly and Ashanti in 2006. (Shutterstock/Everett Collection)

Jermaine Dupri has previewed a new song he has produced featuring both Nelly and Ashanti, and what it sounds like might just surprise you.

Back in November, Dupri shared a video to Instagram of him and the couple – who last year rekindled their romance – in the studio together.

"NEW RECORD ALERT !!” he wrote alongside the video.

On Wednesday, Dupri gave fans a teaser of the tune on his TikTok account.

An Atlanta bass style track, the song borrows its chorus from 1995's “This Lil’ Game We Play” by Subway and 702.

“Boy, I really want to stay. So we can play this little game we play,” Ashanti can be heard singing.

After pausing the track, Dupri explained that the song will feature his upcoming EP which is set to be released sometime later this year.

“Yo, what’s up y’all,” the legendary producer said. “I’m in here tryna get this mix done on my new record featuring Nelly, Ashanti, and Juicy J."

"It’s an EP on Mass Appeal," he added. "The first single was with me and Jacquees called ‘Pick It Up.’ This gonna be the second song. That’s what we on today.”

Nelly and Ashanti, who first dated between 2003 and 2013, haven’t released a track together since 2008's “Body On Me" with Akon.

The two stars were spotted together in public on numerous occasions earlier this year before they reunited on stage at the Illionis State Fair in August.

In September, Nelly confirmed to Philo TV that he and Ashanti were dating again.

“Yeah, we cool again. We cool again. I think it surprised both of us, though,” he said. “It wasn’t anything that was, like, I don’t think planned. I think we both was pretty much doing what we do. But sometimes, being separate, you understand one another more.”

In December, the pair again performed together at Nelly's charity gala, the Black and White Ball.


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