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Lil Yachty says hip-hop is currently at a creative low

A photo of rapper Lil Yachty.
Lil Yachty. (Shutterstock/Sterling Munksgard)

Lil Yachty is not happy with the current state of hip-hop.

“Hip-hop was number one, the number-one leading genre for 10-plus years, shitting on every other genre up until recently," the "Poland" rapper said during the most recent episode of his and Mitch Gone Mad's "A Safe Place Podcast."

“It’s between country music and Latin music now,” Yachty added.

Yachty said he thinks the supposed decline in hip-hop's popularity is a result of both music labels cutting funding for rappers and too many artists sounding the same.

"It’s creatively just not at a height, it’s not at a high," he said. "It’s not at a height of the creativity in hip-hop, it’s low."

"The facts is that people aren’t supporting hip-hop like they once did because there is a decline in content," he concluded.

Yachty's comments come just days after he decalred hip-hop to be in a "terrible place" in a joint Rolling Stone interview with fellow rapper Tierra Whack.

"The state of hip-hop right now, it’s a lot of imitation," he told the magazine. "It’s a lot of quick, low-quality music being put out. It’s trendy. It’s a lot less risk-taking. It’s a lot less originality."

Yachty received plenty of backlash on social media as a result of his claim.

Responding to Rolling Stone's post about the story on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, one person wrote: "Time and time again people say this but completely ignore the underground scene."

Another replied: "Rap is more diverse now than it’s ever been i wonder who he’s listening to to be saying this."

"Bro needs to explore rap outside of the radio and the spotify playlists," another person commented. "We got so many young dudes who are pushin unique sounds rn and he clearly just isnt paying attention."


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