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Muni Long's "Made for Me" has TikTok in a chokehold

A photo of Muni Long.
Muni Long. (Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency)

TikTok has a new favorite song.

Earlier in January, TikTok user Milck Marie posted a video of herself lip-syncing to Muni Long's "Made for Me" as she walked around Target.

Notably, she was wearing a set of blue pajamas.

The social media platform has since blown up with users copying and reacting to Marie's video, with over 100,000 videos having now been created using Long's song.

"POV: You ain't start getting into this song until the girl in the blue pajamas," one user wrote atop a TikTok of them dancing to "Made for Me."

Another person posted a video of themselves dancing to the song in medical scrubs.

"It's not the blue pjs, but it's the green scrubs," they captioned their video.

Long herself has even got in on the act.

Over the weekend, the Grammy Award-winning singer posted a TikTok of herself walking down her stairs while wearing some green pajamas that boasted a similar pattern to Marie's blue set.

"Crazy part is I got these from Target bout Dec 19 and I ALMOST bought the blue ones but they ain't have my size," she wrote below the video, which has already been liked over 600,000 times.

Long released "Made for Me," which was produced by the legendary Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, in September of last year.

She released the music video for the track last week.

In the video, Long plays a scientist who is trying to design the perfect man.

In a press release shared with Rising Rap, Long said she "wanted to have fun" with the video.

"It’s my little nod to A.I. mixed with Frankenstein," she said. "If you want to find the perfect person in a limited dating pool, you might just have to create them! It’s only science fiction for now but with how fast technology is changing could this be our reality someday?”

"Made for Me" is expected to feature on Long's forthcoming but yet untitled fourth studio album, which is scheduled to release sometime this year.


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