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Prodigy's daughter Santana Fox drops new track featuring her late father

Photos of Santana Fox and Prodigy.
Santana Fox, Prodigy. (Instagram/santanafox; Instagram/mobbdeepprodigy)

Santana Fox, the daughter of Mobb Deep's Prodigy, dropped her sophomore album "Eye Candy" on Tuesday.

Included on the project is a new track with her late father.

Titled, "Moment of Silence," the song opens with Santana paying tribute to Prodigy, who died in 2017.

"It's from my soul, there's so much power in my DNA / Sometimes I gotta chill out because I am never left astray / While I'm shifting through dimensions Daddy got my way / Duty to the craft, let the vessel be the open flame," Santana raps.

Prodigy then comes in with a never-before-heard verse of his own.

"Pay attention this is gonna happen real fast / And I gotta get back to my own world / These people too fake out here, I'm not down / I don't follow, I'm a leader of the illest team out," spits the legendary emcee.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Santana opened up about the making of "Moment of Silence."

"I know he would be so proud," she wrote alongside a video of the track being played through her computer.

"I cried so many tears while making this project but this track was the toughest to get through," she added. "His presence was definitely felt."

Santana concluded her Instagram post with a heartwarming homage to her father.

"If it wasn’t for him MANY of us wouldn’t have such a deep bond with rap music & art itself," she wrote. "The legacy continues."


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