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Producer Zaytoven recalls thinking Future wasn't "all that good" at first

Photos of Future and Zaytoven.
Future, Zaytoven. (Shutterstock/Jamie Lamor Thompson/Stock Photo World)

Zaytoven and Future have enjoyed a fruitful working relationship over the years, combining to give the world hits like "Feds Did a Sweep" and "Used to This."

Most notably, in 2015, they released their critically acclaimed joint mixtape "Beast Mode."

In a recent appearance on the "R&B Money Podcast," however, Zaytoven admitted he didn't think the "Mask Off" rapper was very good when they first started working together.

“I worked with Future from his first mixtape, back from I thought Future wasn’t even all that good,” Zaytoven said.

The superstar producer even admitted to taking Future off his songs.

"I remember Rocko used to bring Future to my house in the studio and they’d do a song, and I’d take Future’s verse off the song," he recalled. "That's how much I didn't really like his stuff."

Zaytoven went to describe Future as his favorite artists now and even thanked him for helping boost his own career.

"I remember one time he called me when he first did the 'Dirty Sprite' album,” Zay recalled. “He called me like, ‘Zay I want to hear these songs I did on your beats.’ I was like, ‘I don’t even wanna hear that joint.’"

“But when it came out, and it tore up the streets and that’s all you could listen to," he added. "Thank God he rapped on my beats. I was praying my song was on there.”


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