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Saweetie reveals her surprise artistic goal for 2024

A photo of rapper Saweetie. She is wearing a pink dress and long earrings.
Saweetie. (Shutterstock/Ron Adar)

Saweetie has outlined her goals for 2024 and they might just surprise you.

"My biggest goal for myself is to be consistent with creativity," the "Richtivities" rapper shared during an interview with W Magazine published on Friday.

"Every day, I want to get better at what I’m interested in," she said. "As of recently, I’ve been taking my painting and drawing a lot more serious."

Last month, Saweetie took to Instagram to share a clip of herself painting, with the end product earning plenty of praise from fans.

"Hopefully that can turn into something bigger than just canvases and paper," the California native told W.

Sadly, for fans of Saweetie's music, there is still no word on when she will be dropping her eagerly anticipated debut studio album, "Pretty Bitch Music."

Initially set to be released way back in 2021, the project has been delayed numerous times.

In an interview with Allure published last month, the 30-year-old star revealed why she is still yet to drop the album.

“To me, music is sacred," she said. "It’s coming from your spirit. You can’t just go finish an album in a week."

"That’s why it’s taking me so long," she added. "That’s why I haven’t dropped an album yet."


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