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Schoolboy Q got to play his new album for Jay-Z and he credits rap Twitter with helping make it happen

A photo of Schoolboy Q and Jay-Z together.
Schoolboy Q and Jay-Z. (Instagram/groovyq)

Twitter just did its thing for Schoolboy Q in a big way.

Last week, Q, who is currently gearing up to release his sixth studio album "Blue Lips," took to X, the platform previously known as Twitter, to share a wish he had for the project.

"I wisH I could play tHis album for jay z," he wrote.

What might have seemed like a pipe dream, however, Q revealed on Monday had become a reality.

"HipHop twitter actually came tHru," Q wrote on X. "played Hov tHe album."

On Instagram, the Tog Dawg Entertainment then shared a photo of him and Jay together. He captioned the snap: "Hov: 'naw braH run dat back' ME: 'ok cool.'"

Q also shared a message to gratitude to TDE President Punch.

"s/o @iamstillpunch," he wrote.

In a follow-up post on X, Q jokingly thanked one particular fan for their supposed help in connecting him with Jay.

"It was actually yo tweet not even joking," Q wrote above a screenshot of the fan tagging Jay under his original post.

Q is now only a few days way from the release of "Blue Lips," with the project set to drop on Friday.

The 37-year-old has rolled out five singles – "Blueslides," "Back n Love," "Yeern 101," "Cooties," and "Love Birds" – since he first announced the album at the start of the month.

Amid fans asking him for even more, Q said on Monday that there will be no more singles released before the big day.

"I’m not dropping music until Friday," he wrote on X. "it was a fun montH tHank u for Holding it down."


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