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Soulja Boy thinks "Crank That" would be even bigger if he released it today because of TikTok

A photo of Soulja Boy.
Soulja Boy. (Shutterstock)

Soulja Boy's debut single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" was a mammoth hit when first released in 2007, spending seven weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 and starting a dance craze that swept the world.

Had it been released today, Soulja Boy believes it would be even bigger.

"I had LimeWire that's it," Big Draco said in a recent appearance on the "Kids Take Over" podcast while discussing his trademark song. "Imagine if I had TikTok."

"You know how many people would have been doing the 'Crank That' dance?" he added.

Many fans agreed with Soulja Boy's assertion that "Crank That" would be bigger today than it was in 2007.

"During Tiktok times?! Absolutely," commented one person on Instagram. Another wrote: "For sure!!! TikTok would’ve ate it up with the dance moves."

Some fans even encouraged Soulja to spin the block on the song.

"So release it again there some people never herd that shit before," wrote one fan.

Others, however, pointed out that "Crank That" may have a shorter life cycle in today's market than it did 14 years ago.

"It would of lasted like 2 months in this day and age," asserted another person.

Another comment read: "It would have been bigger but the life span of it would have been shorter."


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