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Suge Knight calls Cardi B the "female version of 2Pac”

Photos of Suge Knight, Cardi B. (Shutterstock/DFree/Lev Radin)
Suge Knight, Cardi B. (Shutterstock/DFree/Lev Radin)

Suge Knight has heaped some huge praise on Cardi B.

On Tuesday, the currently incarcerated former Death Row Records boss released the latest episode of his "Collect Call" podcast, on which comedian Katt Williams was his guest.

Midway through their chat, Suge asked Williams about a new posthumous 2Pac album he is allegedly working on.

“I heard Cardi on the project with you, is that true?” Suge asked.

"Absolutely," Williams replied.

Suge then said: “I always said she’s the female version of 2Pac.”

The alleged album Williams is currently working on would be the eighth posthumous Pac project.

The most recent, "Pac's Life," was released in 2006.

Williams revealed there will be eight guests on his posthumous Pac album, including Cardi B.

"Only the best of the best," he said.

Suge went on to criticize the 2004 posthumous Pac album "Loyal to the Game," which was produced by Eminem and included the hit single "Ghetto Gospel."

“A lot of people been wanting to do songs with ‘Pac and some people even did some shit with ‘Pac,” Suge said. “There was only one 2Pac project that ever flopped before, and that’s the one Eminem did on all the releases."

"All the rest of them were successful," he added.

Suge is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence for a 2015 hit-and-run murder he committed during the filming of the movie "Straight Outta Compton."

His podcast is being recorded and distributed by Breakbeat Media.


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