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Swank & King Draft release 9th Wonder-produced fourth studio album, "Vice City"

Swank & King Draft are back with their fourth studio album, "Vice City."

The project, which is produced by the legendary 9th Wonder and features a guest appearance from Roc Nation's Reuben Vincent, was released on Friday through Jamla Records.

On "Vice City," Swank & King Draft delve into the allure and consequences of vices such as drugs ("Like a Jungle"), money ("Expensive Taste"), and sex ("Too Much").

"As a kid said I'd never smoke, shit, but here I am / Quit, then I lost my uncle, damn, rolling up again," Swang raps on "Like a Jungle," which interpolates Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's "The Message."

9th Wonder has long been known for sampling classic soul and hip-hop records and his work on "Vice City" is no exception.

On "Like a Jungle," Wonder samples Luther Vandross' 1983 classic "Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me," while on the album's titular track, he samples "When the Last Time" by Clipse from the pair's album "Lord Willin'."


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