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T-Pain has confirmed he's working with Rockstar Games on Grand Theft Auto VI

A photo of T-Pain.
T-Pain is working on GTA VI. (Shutterstock/Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro; Rockstar Games)

T-Pain has confirmed that he's working with Rockstar Games on Grand Theft Auto VI.

The "I'm Sprung" rapper, who is an avid gamer and regular Twitch streamer, made the revelation during a recent livestream after being asked why he was no longer playing on NoPixel — a popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V role-play server.

GTA V's role-play servers are modified multiplayer servers that allow users to craft unique characters and lives within the game.

"I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on fucking GTA VI, and they told me I couldn't do [it] anymore," Pain told those watching his stream.

The 39-year-old star said he was told by Rockstar that him playing on GTA V's role-play servers while working with them on GTA VI could result in a conflict of interests.

"They had this whole speech, like, 'What if somebody took your album and re-recorded it, and more people were listening to that,'" he said. "I'm like, 'Okay, I kind of get that, but I was having a good time.'"

It is unclear in what capacity Pain is working with Rockstar on GTA VI, which is one of the most hotly anticipated video games of all time.

Rockstar released the first trailer for the game back in December, just over a decade since the release of GTA V in September 2013.

The trailer has been watched over 170 million times on YouTube.

After the trailer dropped, Pain's Nappy Boy Gaming Instagram account shared it and wrote: "Can "we fast forward to 2025."

GTA VI is expected to be released sometime next year.



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