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T-Pain says he almost had a song with Michael Jackson

Photos of T-Pain and Michael Jackson.
T-Pain, Michael Jackson. (Shutterstock/LandmarkMedia/Jamie Lamor Thompson)

T-Pain has worked with some of the biggest stars in music over the years, including Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Mariah Carey.

One person he never worked with is Michael Jackson.

Had it not been for an overzealous collaborator, however, that could have been different.

In a clip posted to X, the platform previously known as Twitter, on Tuesday, Pain revealed how he once came close to having a song with both Jackson and Usher.

“We were about to listen to a song that I wrote and produced that was meant for me, Usher and Michael Jackson,” Pain explained in the video.

He added: “Then the person that was in charge of doing the references, the person that sang it, got too excited and was like, 'I’m on a song with Michael Jackson and Usher and T-Pain!' And then they released it."

In the world of music production, reference vocals act as placeholders so the intended singers can preview their parts.

Pain said that after the reference singer got overexcited and released the track, Jackson pulled out.

"Michael Jackson was like, ‘Naw, nevermind. I don’t want to do it anymore,’" he said. "Yeah, that pissed me off, not gon’ lie to you.”

The "Bartender" singer then shared a snippet of the song, in which he and Usher can both be heard singing.

In other T-Pain news, the 39-year-old star recently revealed he's been working with Rockstar Games on their upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto VI.

Pain, who is an avid gamer and regular Twitch streamer, made the revelation during a livestream after being asked why he was no longer playing on NoPixel — a popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V role-play server.

GTA V's role-play servers are modified multiplayer servers that allow users to craft unique characters and lives within the game.

"I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on fucking GTA VI, and they told me I couldn't do [it] anymore," Pain told those watching his stream.


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