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T-Pain's new song "Dreaming" has a 3D-animated music video he made entirely by himself

3D T-Pain and T-Pain.
3D T-Pain and T-Pain. (Instagram/tpain; Shutterstock/Michael A Walker Jr.)

T-Pain is a man of many talents.

Not only is he a brilliant musician and singer, he's also a great gamer, top notch Twitch streamer, and accomplished actor.

Not content with his already wide array of talents, however, the "Bartender" singer has now moved into the world of 3D animation.

On Friday, Pain took to Instagram to reveal that his new song "Dreaming," which was released last month, will soon have a 3D-animated music video that was created entirely by himself.

"Mr. DO SOMETHING ELSE strikes again," Pain wrote next a video of him showcasing his 3D handiwork. "For my new song Dreaming I challenged myself to 3D animate the entire music video. It took a month but it’s finally ready!!!! Dropping it on Monday."

In the video, Pain explained how the upcoming video came together.

"I shot at this fuckin' joint, Soapbox Studios, in Atlanta," he said. "It's a green space, it's a green stage, basically a whole ass green room and they've got either 46 or 48 cameras."

Pain said he performed "Dreaming" in the studio and was given a "volumetric model" of himself which he then used to create the music video.

"You can put it anywhere you want," he said of the 3D model. "It's gonna be a fuckin' wonder world. Mountain, birds, koalas, junkie bitches."

Fans were not only super impressed with Pain's 3D animating skills, but also his ingenuity.

"That fact that you’re doing these things yourself and still at this point in your career not waiting on someone else to get them done for you is something we need to talk more about," commented one fan on his video. "Love it man. Big inspiration."

Another commented: "Dude, you are so inspiring. Thank you for being positive and REAL!"



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