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6 things you might not know about 4batz, the R&B prodigy adored by Kanye West

An artwork featuring three photos of 4batz.
4batz. (Instagram/4batzz)

In the space of just nine months, 4batz has risen from obscurity to become one of music's most talked about young stars.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, the 22-year-old released his debut single, "act i: stickerz "99," in June of last year.

Initially, the release went under the radar.

Things changed, however, after Batz performed the song on 4 Shooters Only's "From the Block" YouTube series in November.

Combining sultry vocals with trap music aesthetics, the video quickly went viral, amassing over 2.6 million views.

From there, things snowballed. A second single – act ii: date @ 8" – and another "From the Block" performance followed. Then came a cosign from from Kanye West, a third single, and, eventually, a chart-topping collaboration with Drake.

But while Batz may now be a household name, relatively little is still known about him because of his rapid rise to fame. Here, Rising Rap sheds some light.

His musical beginnings are somewhat mysterious

Batz really did appear to just burst onto the scene out of thin air.

Some internet sleuths, however, believe they might just have found some of his older work. According to one Reddit user, Batz had been releasing music under the name Spidey on SoundCloud and TikTok prior to blowing up.

While it's unconfirmed if the accounts actually belong to Batz, they sure do sound like him. What's even more interesting is that Spidey is the only person Batz (the actual Batz) follows on TikTok.

Representatives for 4batz, nor Spidey, immediately replied for Rising Rap's request for comment.

He was homeless before fame

In an interview with Billboard published in early March, Batz revealed that before he found viral fame, he was without a permanent home.

“It’s crazy, because before this, I was sleeping in cars and I didn’t have a place to stay," he said, adding: “I’m just so grateful, and I’m so excited that this is my life now.”

He initially wanted to be a rapper

In the same interview with Billboard, Batz also said that during his youth, he had intentions to one day become a famous rapper.

Citing DMX as one of his rap role models, Batz explained that he was supposed to be called "Trap Boi Batz or some shit like that," but ultimately decided that spitting bars wasn't for him.

“I always felt like it’s not different enough," he said. "Everybody from Texas raps. It felt like I was forcing it.”

He cites Jodeci as one of his musical inspirations

In an interview with Genius, Batz explained that his sound is heavily inspired by '90s R&B.

“There’s so many people in ’90s R&B that I like, that I look up to," he said. "Jodeci, Mint Condition, SWV, Intro, Sade, Anita Baker."

"Whoever did ’90s R&B, they did it, and it stood out in a crazy way," he added.

He's signed to Drake's record label

A bidding war to sign Batz erupted after he burst onto the scene, with multiple major labels, including Republic Records, Atlantic Records, and Warner Records, looking to sign him, according to Billboard.

Eventually, it was Drake's OVO Sound label that won out.

Shortly after Batz and Drake released the remix of Batz's second single, "act ii: date @ 8," in March, it was announced that Batz had signed a short term deal with OVO.

His debut EP is dropping next month

Just days after signing to OVO, Batz announced that his debut EP, "U Made Me A St4r," will be released on April 5.

Batz broke the news in his “From the Block Performance” of his third single, “act iii: on god (she like).”


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