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Tyga credits Lil Wayne with teaching him how to remain relevant

A photo of rapper Tyga.
Tyga. (Shutterstock/Hurricane Hank)

Tyga has been an ominpresent force in the rap game for nearly 15 years.

Since releasing his debut album, "No Introduction," in 2008, the "Rack City" rapper has, either as a solo artist or as part of Young Money, had six top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 and 35 singles chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

The secret to his continued success? Tyga says he learned it from Lil Wayne.

Speaking with Lil Wayne on the latest episode of Weezy’s Apple Music show "Young Money Radio," Tyga credited his former Young Money affiliate with teaching him how to remain relevant.

“I feel like watching you, that was the first time that, like you said, I had ever been on tour, on a tour bus or anything like that really moving around," Tyga told Wayne. "And to have so much going on, have success going on, shooting videos, but wherever we was at you would make sure like, ‘We’re going to the studio today.’"

Tyga said that while touring alongside Wayne, the "A Milli" rapper would insist on going to the studio straight after shows.

If they couldn't, Wayne would instead insist they work on the bus, said Tyga.

“So it was just more like the work ethic I feel like and just staying consistent and staying obsessed with it and loving it," Tyga continued. "I feel like a lot of people fall out of love with it and that’s why motherfuckers fall off or people just aren’t consistent or not as tapped in. It ain’t even about for the money, it’s the love."

Responding to Tyga's praise, Wayne revealed that he learned the same lessons from his own mentors, Birdman and Slim.

“What’s interesting about what you saying about the love – I get it from two people that’s not rappers,” Wayne said. “I get it from Slim and Baby. Studio every day. "

"'Cause they wasn’t setting studio time up just for the artist to be there. They there. All 1,000 hours we there, they there," he continued. "That’s where I get that shit from. I’m glad you got that shit from me.”


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