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Watch the adorable moment Blxst brings his son out to perform with him at Coachella

Photos of Blxst and his son Tru performing together at Coachella.
Blxst brought his son Tru out on stage during his Coachella set over the weekend. (instagram/blxst)

Blxst had a very special guest join him onstage during his Coachella performance on Saturday.

Ahead of his performance of "West Coast Weekend," the singer and rapper invited his son Tru to the stage.

As the music kicked in, Tru, wearing denim shorts and Timbaland boots, proceeded to dance in adorable fashion.

"Go Tru! Go Tru! Go Tru!" sang Blxst as his son entertained the crowd.

Sharing a clip of the moment to his Instagram on Sunday, Blxst described it as the "highlight of the weekend."

"my son Tru been asking to come out on stage since week one," he wrote. "I definitely wasn’t expecting this."

Just as the Coachella crowd did, Blxst's followers on Instagram loved the sweet moment he shared with his son.

"He really stole the show from you," commented one fan on Blxst's post. Another wrote: "Where Tru get those moves from?! Love it."

This year marked the first time Blxst, who hails from South Central Los Angeles, has performed at Coachella.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times after his weekend one show, the 31-year-old said: “This moment is huge."

"Just to see the magnitude of artists that have played on these stages and the fact that I’m able to follow in their footsteps is reassuring that I’m representing my city in the right way," he said.



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